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Celebrating Excellence in the Transgender Community

Learn about gc2b, a Black and Latinx trans-owned business.

What does it mean when your gender identity is not aligned with your body? For many transgender and gender nonconforming (GNC) people, this feeling of incongruence (sometimes called “gender dysphoria”) can be a daily reality compromising a person’s well-being, comfort, and safety.

There is a freedom that comes when your inside and your outside align. Chest binders, garments used to flatten the chest, are a critical way for trans and GNC people to affirm who they are, safely.

In 2015, Marli Washington saw the lack of accessible and safe chest binding options for himself and the broader trans and GNC community, and sought to change that. As a designer and entrepreneur, Marli founded gc2b to create products that allow people to align their bodies with their gender identities – chest binders designed by trans people, for trans people. Gc2b has continued to grow and increase its digital presence to meet a critical need for trans people around the world.

Marli dedicates himself to uplifting all people in the trans community. In recognizing that gc2b’s products are specifically designed with trans men and transmasculine people in mind, Marli is intentional about also working with Black trans women and trans femmes who face epidemic levels of violence, especially in the United States. Gc2b supports and collaborates with organizations like The Marsha P. Johnson Institute and its mission to end violence against all trans people, especially Black trans women, across the US.

“It’s important for me specifically as a Latinx and Black trans man to make sure that I am using my platform and using my privilege to do what I can to help my Black trans community by donating directly to organizations that focus on the safety and liberation of Black trans people.” -Marli Washington, CEO, gc2b

Marli’s success is an example of trans excellence – living authentically and pursuing his passion. In honoring Transgender Awareness Week, Google has partnered with The Marsha P. Johnson Institute and GLAAD to show what’s possible when we celebrate and uplift stories of transgender people thriving. Check out our Keyword post to learn more about our work for Transgender Awareness Week, along with’s grants and Googler volunteer commitments to The Marsha P. Johnson Institute and trans-led community organizations


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