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7 Signs You're Emotionally Abusive To Others

Emotional abuse is more common than physical or verbal abuse but may be reported less because it is harder to prove, this includes narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, emotional blackmail, and so on. Emotional abuse is behavioral and emotional tactics that are used to attack the target’s sense of control or sense of self. Are you wondering if emotional abuse played a role in any friendships or relationships that have been hurtful? Maybe you are looking to change a few patterns in your life. Or maybe you are wondering if you are the abuser. This video is for you.

Trigger warning & Disclaimer: If you recognize yourself in any of these examples, please know this was not posted to shame, hurt, or trigger you. Seeing yourself in these behaviors does not automatically make you a bad person or evil. Rather, seeing yourself in these behaviors means you are able to look at yourself and figure out whether you want to change how you deal with the people in your lives. If the material in this video is too triggering or painful for you, please honor yourself, even if it means not watching further.

If you want to learn more about emotional abuse specifically in relationships, you can watch this video too:


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