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Lankster, N. (2022). The autoimmune nature of PTSD

This theoretically based manuscript hypothesizes on PTSD as an autoimmune disorder


Lankster, N., Dube, N, & Williams, J. (2022). Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Lower Back Pain: The neurological impacts of a comorbid diagnosis and integrative treatment. The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of the International Trauma Training Institute, 4 (1).

Principle Investigator

This manuscript correlates neurological effects of CLBP and CPTSD creating a treatment based on neurological deficits


Lankster, N. & Williams, J. (2022) “African Americans Caretaking During COVID-19”

This qualitative manuscript explores the dual burdens of social injustice and medical disparities during the COVID-19 crisis amongst African-American caretakers


Lankster, N., Sewell, L., Hall, R. (2019). The inevitability of dual relationships in rural mental health: How many degrees of separation is enough?


Lankster, N. (2019). Chap chat: gender relations and perceptions of rape amongst adolescent males in South Africa. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, DOI:10.1080/08952833.2019.1574491


Lankster, N. & Williams, J. (2018). On the nexus of chronic pain, posttraumatic stress disorder, and alexithymia. Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology, 7, 223-236.


Williams, J., Lankster, N., & Abel, C. (2016). When student life meets real life: Barriers for African American students pursuing graduate studies in psychology. Psych Discourse, 50 (3).


Lankster, N. (2014). Treatment Effects for Intergenerational Trauma in Survivors of Genocide Residing in Africa.



September 2019, 36th International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine, Rome, Italy



June 2019, Expert Witness, Haladay v. Maryland Bar Association


July 2017, European Congress of Psychology, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Theme Chairperson


May 2014, Florida Counseling Association-Traumatology Symposium, Sarasota, FL



July 2012, , Cape Town, SA


Presented the ICPs first interactive poster on community trauma and art therapy.


April 2012 to June 2012, Itsoseng Psychological Clinic, Mamelodi and Pretoria, ZA

“Community trauma and reconciliation”


Summer 2009, Sumter County Health and Wellness Center, Livingston, AL

Undergraduate Trainee

County funded research on interventions for post-partum depression in young mothers.


Fall 2008, , Livingston, AL

Undergraduate Student

Thesis entitled: “The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on the Coital Debut of Adolescents”


Media Appearances

  • December 19, 2022 Afro (Magazine)- Featured Expert

  • 2020 Queens Supporting Queens, Anthology -Interviewed by author, author devoted a chapter to my biography.

  • March13, 2019 The Doctors (TVShow)- Featured for specialization in trauma. Sought by producers to provide services for TV show guest

  • September 07, 2019 Real Simple (Magazine)- nterviewed for article on parenting

  • September 1, 2018 Real Simple (Magazine)- Interviewed for an article on time management



∙ 2020 CARF Accreditation for Outpatient Mental Health Adults, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Children and Adolescents program

∙ 2018 Certification in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

∙ 2016 Certification in TESOL/TEFL

∙ 2016 Licensed Clinical Psychologist Maryland #05846

∙ 2015 Licensed Psychologist Alabama #2010

∙ 2014 & 2015 Certification for Children and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment

∙ 2013 Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy

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