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What Are The Signs Of Depression?

The features of depression include:

Psychological Symptoms:

-Feeling miserable. This misery is present for much of the day but may vary in its intensity. The misery lasts for weeks.

-Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities.

-Slowed or inefficient thinking with poor concentration, leading to difficulties sorting out problems or making plans or decisions.

-Recurring unpleasant thoughts, particularly about being guilty, being a bad and unworthy person,

-Thoughts that you would be better off dead or of harming yourself in some way.

Physical Symptoms:

-Loss of appetite with excessive loss of weight.

-Loss of interest in sex.

-Loss of energy, even when not physically active.

-Loss of sleep despite feeling exhausted. Sleep is typically restless and unsatisfying with early morning wakening (one to two hours earlier than usual). Some people, however, may actually sleep a lot more than usual.

-Slowed activity and speech.

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