About Dr. Lankster

Dr. Lankster has over 20 years of healthcare experience,  over 14 years of mental health experience, and 4 years of licensure as a clinical psychologist. She currently provides assessment, group therapy, and individual therapy in Baltimore, Maryland and Demopolis, Alabama. In addition to therapy and assessment, Dr. Lankster currently offers training and workshops on various clinical issues and conducts research of various topics.

​She has published literature on trauma, CBT, cultural issues, and more. She is also a peer reviewer for the National Institute of Justice and the Journal of Rural Mental Health.

Current clients include children with various diagnoses, couples, and adults coping with trauma, substance abuse, and various life issues. Her previous practice experiences have included families, couples, children and adults in San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and South Africa.

She graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology , San Francisco Bay Area campus and has undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of West Alabama. Through her research and work with a diverse base of families and children, she has gained both practical and research-based knowledge on various topics related to psychological issues and emotional disturbance. Currently, she specializes in and researches issues surrounding community and mass trauma, rural mental health, culture related issues, and child therapy. When she isn't  in her practice, she is  working as the Founder/ CEO of One HEARTT, Inc.



What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is mental health therapy using online services; such as video chatting, email, telephone, etc. When using teletherapy you meet with your doctor one-on-one, receiving individualized therapeutic services at your convenience. Now you can receive mental health intervention, consulation, and education with the click of a button.


*These services may not be available or appropriate for everyone. Contact Dr. Lankster to find out which service recommended for your individual needs.




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