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October 4, 2019

 Click the link to enjoy some relaxing music to help clear your mind and relieve some stress!


September 18, 2019

What is silk? Go to this website: http://weavesilk.com and drag your mouse around the screen to create a lovely and calming display in a series of soothing colors. Meditative, relaxing, and pleasing to look at. 

Click here to get in touch with your creative side! 

August 26, 2019

Making healthful food choices and using the right herbal supplements and teas can help individuals cope with the taxing effects of stress and restore health and wellbeing.


Stress can directly manifest in damaging effects on the body, and indirectly augment...

August 21, 2019

Are you looking for a way to unwind and destress, but don't really like cleaning up afterwords? Click here for an online version of color by number! Perfect for all ages.

For more, please visit: http://coloritbynumbers.com/online


August 14, 2019

Deep Breathing exercises help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping and physical discomfort.

For more resources, visit City of Hope's website: https://www.cityofhope.org

May 31, 2016

As we come to a close of this Tuesday (that feels like a Monday), let's take some time to deep breath while, doing something fun and soothing. Click the picture and start dispersing the dots while deep breathing as a brief relaxation technique. Make patterns, leisurely...

May 28, 2016

Click the picture to head to an interactive coloring website. Use the tools to color online or print them out for a more tactile experience.



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